BiteSize Baking is owned and operated by Kimberley Farrar. Kimberley started baking standing on a stool by her mother's side, usually waiting for her to finish so that she could scrape the bowl clean with her little fingers. Her specialty at the time (apart from licking spoons clean) was stirring... even things that didn't need stirring. About the only part of baking that didn't appeal to her was washing up. Her likes and dislikes haven't changed much over the years.


She has had many roles in her life, from academic researcher, to telecoms publication writer and administrator of a program for children with special needs. Her two favorites though have been stay-at-home mum to three wonderful children (a.k.a. chief taste-testers) and baker. As well as indulging her addiction for all things baking, she also regularly blogs about her many and varied culinary explorations here.

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