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We can't help it if people talk...

Read on to find out what our customers are saying about BiteSize Baking

Why, thank you kindly!

"I was planning a backyard 20 year wedding anniversary celebration. I wanted small, elegant desserts. I tried many local bakeries and high-end grocery stores but was unable to find the type of small bites I wanted. Many of the cupcakes were overly sweet and not flavorful. Kimberley created exactly what I had in mind. Her cupcakes were elegantly decorated and deliciously flavorful. They were a perfect addition to the buffet table."

"I wanted some special touches for my twins' 14th birthday party. Kimberley offered a wide variety of flavors so my daughters were able to pick several cupcakes styles. Kimberley arrived on time, delivered the cakes to my home, arranged the cakes on beautiful platters, and had even created the girls' initials and "14" out of fondant icing to add to one of the platters. As well as being delicious they were so pretty. A real cut above the average birthday sweet. My twins were thrilled when we brought out the platters of small cakes to share with their guests."

"Fun and creative bite-sized treats. Great for any occasion!"

Best bite-sized cupcakes EVER! Super moist and incredible chocolate!

"Unique and amazing flavors! What a wonderful tasty treat!"

"The cupcakes were amazing and a big hit with everyone."

"The cupcakes were yummy yummy yummy! We gobbled them down!"

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"The cupcakes were DELICIOUS! Will definitely use BiteSize Baking again, and again, and again!!"

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