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Cupcake Flavors

Apple Pie

Imagine if you will, the flavors of fall, in cupcake form. Well, you need imagine no longer: a cinnamon-laced, fresh apple-laden cupcake is topped with a swirly crown of maple syrup flavored buttercream and a tasty slice of dried apple. So put on your warm fuzzy slippers and nibble on one of these while the leaves fall from the trees and the temperature dips.


Banana Pecan

Is there anything more comforting than the aroma of a fresh loaf of banana bread? No, I hear you cry, but I couldn’t eat a whole one! Well, fear not, your dilemma is solved, with the BiteSize Banana Pecan mini – a delicious morsel of banana-scented cake, with a touch of crunch from toasted pecans. What could possibly make this moment sweeter? Why, a dollop of caramel frosting and an extra pecan will do nicely.



Banana Banoffee

In 1972, the chef at the Hungry Monk restaurant in Sussex, England had a moment of sheer genius and created Banoffee pie, combining the flavors of banana, toffee and chocolate. Let me say that again: banana, toffee and chocolate. What a combo! Just a short 40 years or so later and banoffee is ready to hit the cupcake stand - banana flavored cakes studded with chocolate chips are hollowed out to house a delicious dollop of dulce de leche, and then topped with creamy banana frosting and a banana chip. Oh yeah.


Bourbon Sweet Potato

No need to wait for Thanksgiving for your sweet potato fix! That delicious root veggie is all baked into a lovely moist cupcake, then decorated with a delicious bourbon-infused frosting and some delicious and gorgeous golden sugar crystals. Don't worry - no danger of hangovers here, as we use all natural, but non-alcoholic, bourbon extract to give these little beauties their safe 'kick'.



Aaaaah, carrot cake – doyenne of the dessert table. And yet, a carrot cake is so large…. Tasty, but not exactly elegant. But go bite-sized and suddenly this victorious vegetable-laced sweet treat is elevated to new heights, particularly when adorned with a sizeable swirl of orange-scented buttercream frosting, and some candied orange peel. Welcome to the party, carrot. You clean up really well.


Cherry Cola

Everyone's favorite soda goes all cupcake on you, with a cherry on top! Cola flavored cupcakes, with morello cherries stirred in for good measure, are topped with cola frosting, and (what else?) a cherry on top. Open, pour, and sigh with satisfaction.


Chocolate Bacon

You’re a chocolate lover, for sure, but you also like to walk a little on the wild side, to explore your culinary depths every now and again. And you totally bought into that salted caramel trend. Salty and sweet – yum! This one is for you because, quite frankly, everything is better when you add a bit of bacon: chocolate bacon cupcakes, chocolate frosting and a garnish of crispy porky goodness.


Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.” Charles Schulz. Intelligent man, Mr Schulz. If you agree with his assessment of the route to happiness, then this one is for you: a chocolate cupcake, with real chocolate baked into the batter, topped with chocolate ganache frosting and a solid chocolate drop.


Chocolate Peppermint

For some, there is nothing more redolent of the Holiday season than the scent of peppermint drifting from a steaming cup of Hot Chocolate. We at BiteSize recognize that the combination of chocolate and peppermint should receive adoration all year round, so our Chocolate Peppermint cupcake doesn't have any limitations on our calendar. A chocolatey cupcake with a hint of peppermint is topped with a mound of soft fluffy peppermint frosting and crowned with crushed peppermints. 



BiteSize loves nothing more than taking a delicious morsel from the non-cupcake world, and imagining just how fabulous it would taste in cupcake form! Well, imagine no more, because now there is the Churro Cupcake - a delicious brown-sugar and cinnamon flavored cake is topped with cinnamon-spiced frosting, drizzled with caramel and topped with a crispy morsel of churro goodness. Ay caramba!



You’re a dessert person – that’s a given. But you like your sweetness tempered with a touch of zest, a hint of sharpness, a smidgen of zing. And here’s where we meet your needs. An orange-scented cupcake delicately frosted with lemon buttercream and a sugar flower. Go on, dribble.


There are those for whom sprinkles strewn across the top of a cupcake, just isn't festive enough. They want more color, more sprinkling! Those who seek such indulgence will find their desires more than met by the Confetti cupcake, with oodles of colorful sprinkles baked into the cake, not to mention those scattered with abandon over the top.  


Dulce de Leche

Sweet tooth? With these little marvels, neither your teeth nor your tastebuds will be disappointed. Brown-sugar-laden little cupcakes are frosted with a smooth caramel frosting and topped with a caramel candy, for true caramel satisfaction.



I don’t know who decided that gingerbread was a flavor reserved for the holiday season, but whoever it may have been, they are a sadist, intent on depriving mankind of spicy goodness for the remaining 10 months of the year. Fortunately, at BiteSize Baking, we do not believe in deprivation, and so this flavor has its rightful place in our repertoire year-round. And of course, what is the perfect topping for a delicately spiced gingery cupcake? Why, a sizeable mound of vanilla frosting, and a cheeky little sliver of crystallized ginger, of course.

Hazelnut Chocolate
Ahhhhhh Nutella! Is there anything more sumptuously comforting than the combination of chocolate and hazelnut? Perhaps not! This little morsel is a celebration of this marriage made in cupcake heaven. With both hazelnuts and chocolate baked into the cake and whipped into the frosting, there is nothing more Nutella than this, except maybe eating it with a spoon straight from the jar (not a bad plan, but not as impressive as a birthday gift or party dessert!


Hazelnut Coffee

The humble hazelnut has been relegated in recent years to a mere ingredient in nutella. But it is worthy of so much more. Here, this paragon of nuttiness is given pride of place when fine ground and baked into a bitesize cupcake. And to top it off - a mound of milky smooth cafe au lait frosting, crowned with a perfect hazelnut in pride of place. Go nuts, people!


Lavender Honey

The sweet scent of summer, embodied in a cupcake. Breathe in and relax with a beautiful lavender-scented cupcake, topped with a generous dollop of honey frosting (because no one likes lavender more than bees!) and some dried lavender buds.


Lemon Meringue

Lemon Meringue Pie – a classic of the pie world. What’s missing from this prize-worthy dessert, you ask? Why, cake of course! With the lemon meringue mini, the problem is solved. And what is the perfect foil to a lemon-laced cupcake, with a center of ooey-gooey freshly made lemon curd? Why a billowy peak of soft billowy frosting, and some puckery lemon sugar crystals, obviously.


Lime, Coconut and Basil

You live dangerously. Your martinis are definitely shaken NOT stirred. So you are not afraid to take a classic flavor combination like lime and coconut and see it shaken up by the addition of basil. Oh no. You’re unflappable, and you know a tasty cupcake when you put one in your mouth. The delicate flavors of basil intertwine with lime in these little beauties, all topped with a smothering of coconut-scented frosting and a crunch of toasted coconut.


Malted Milk

Did you know that London pharmacist James Horlick invented malted milk as a nutritional supplement for needy undernourished infants and invalids? While we couldn’t possibly claim that our malted milk minis have medicinal benefits, we can promise that they will put a smile on your face! Cupcakes with just a hint of chocolate are topped with a mound of malted milk frosting and a chocolate treat for good measure.


Maple BBQ

“The mind is like a parachute: it only works if it’s open”, so said Charlie Chan, the Chinese Detective, a man of great wisdom, if ever there was one. You may have saved your BBQ sauce for a rack of ribs until now, but why should the entrée have all the fun? These BBQ flavored cupcakes bring America’s favorite sauce to the dessert table, with a delicious sweet maple frosting, and sugar crystals to cap it all. Go on: open that mind!


Mississippi Mud

You love your chocolate, but you’re not afraid to take it up a textural notch with some billowy marshmallow frosting and a few crunchy pecans. Our tribute to the famous mud pie comes in the form of a chocolate and sour cream cupcake, fluffy vanilla frosting, dark chocolate flakes and toasted pecans.


Mocha Cappuccino

Because sometimes there just isn’t enough caffeine in chocolate alone, here comes your favorite coffee shop treat in cupcake form. A rich chocolatey cupcake with a little kick of coffee baked in, topped with rich coffee buttercream and a chocolate covered espresso bean for that final flourish. Wake up and smell the cupcakes.



It's cocktail time, but this one won't give you a hangover! Combine the classic flavors of mint, rum extract and zingy lime and you get these little morsels of cocktail heaven. The cakes are glazed with syrup and then frosted with a rum and lime-flavored creamy frosting and a gorgeous frsh green mint leaf.


Oreo (TM)

Ah, the beloved Oreo: favorite cookie of the masses! Have we got a cupcake for you, Oreo-lovers! Light chocolate and vanilla flavored cake, topped with oreo frosting, and with (what else?) a delicious little Oreo perched on top. And if that weren't enough to tickle your oreo fancy, peel off the cupcake wrapper to find another oreo baked underneath the cupcake itself. Oreo-craving well and truly satisfied!


PB&C (Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip)

Peanut Butter and Chocolate - a combination guaranteed to hit that spot, even if you've forgotten where the spot is. Peanut butter flavored cake is dotted with a generous helping of chocolate chips, then topped with a swirl of the most peanuttiest butteriest frosting, and finished off with the doyenne of PB&C lovers, a mini Reeses (TM) cup.


Peppermint Tea

It's tea-time! And what better to go with a cup of your favorite hot tipple than one of these little beauties?! Each cake is delicately scented with peppermint tea and a dash of vanilla, and atop each, you'll find a fresh green mint leaf, atop a delicious mound of frosting with that delectable flavor of everyone's favorite herbal tea.


Pumpkin Butterscotch

If you can't get enough butterscotch in your life, then do we have the cupcake for you: spiced little pumpkin cakes are laden with butterscotch chips, and then frosted with a swirl of butterscotch frosting and candied pumpkin seeds. If your tooth isn't quite so sweet, then the frosting can be substituted with a spiced cinnamon buttercream.


Really Raspberry

Why should strawberries have all the fun? If there are pies to be made, or shortcake to be adorned, they are always the first pick! With our raspberry cupcakes, the raspberry gets its chance to fight back against this overt fruitism at the dessert table. Delicate raspberry-laced cupcakes get their place in the spotlight, thanks to a swirl of raspberry frosting and a delightful little raspberry candy.


Red Velvet

What more can we possibly say? The classic is here, all vibrant, moist and topped with a swirl of buttercream frosting and a sweet sugary romantic heart. Feel the love.


Root Beer Float

The soda fountain beckons! Get your fix of sassafras with a root beer flavored bitesize morsel, topped with the lightest, fluffiest of vanilla frostings, and a chocolate wafer.



While wooing Marc Anthony, Cleopatra supposedly filled an entire room a foot deep with rose petals. For those of us mundane enough to worry about the practical considerations of such an endeavor, let alone the expense, BiteSize Baking brings you an alternative, that is sure to woo the most discerning suitor: the Rose cupcake. Whilst we cannot exactly fill a room, so that your enamored beloved has to wade through to reach you, we CAN provide you with a batch of delicious rose-water-scented cupcakes, lovingly adorned with pink rose buttercream and a romantic pink sugared heart.

Salted Caramel Pretzel

Oooh, salty sweet goodness! What a combo! If you are a fan of a touch of salt with your sugary deliciousness, then this is a cupcake for you: a yummy brown-sugar-laced mini, studded with pieces of caramel, topped with a swirl of salted caramel frosting, and topped with a crunchy pretzel.

Sesame Honey

Oh Tahini! If you too can't get enough of that nutty sesame flavor, then this little mini will make your tastebuds tingle. Tahini is baked into a fluffy little cupcake, sweetened with honey, which is then topped with a delicious mound of honey frosting and some toasted sesame seeds. Tahini? Ta-DAH!



Camping season may be over, but we can help your conjure up the taste of the great outdoors, even without the uncomfortable sleeping mat, copious mosquitos and pesky raccoon who won't your cooler alone. How, you ask? With the S'more cupcake - a chocolatey cupcake with a graham cracker base, topped with a swirl of toasted marshmallowy goodness. 



We love us some snickerdoodles (and BiteSize makes and delivers them in delicious style), but sometimes only a cupcake will hit that spot. For those moments, we give you the Snickerdoodle cupcake - a light, fluffy cinnamon-laced cupcake, topped with the lightest, fluffiest mound of vanilla frosting, and sprinkled lightly (and fluffily) with cinnamon and crunchy Turbinado sugar crystals. Oh yum - light and fluffy hits that spot every time!


Sumptuous Strawberry

There is nothing more summery than a ripe red strawberry, and living in California we can enjoy them year-round. Just in case you're getting bored of the fruit on its lonesome though, try one (or several) of our Sumptuous Strawberry minis - luscious chunks of fresh fruity goodness are baked into the cake, and we guarantee you won't every taste a more strawberry-y (of course it's a word) frosting. And did we mention that we scatter some delicate sugar pearls on the top for good measure?



Voluptuous Vanilla

Poor old vanilla, so often condemned to be preceded by the words 'plain old'. Well, vanilla is fighting back, and punching above its weight class too, in these vanilla cupcakes, topped with vanilla frosting and a dusting of rainbow sprinkles for good measure. Plain? Nope, we say unpretentious. Old? Nope, a touch retro perhaps, but there is nothing wrong with that!

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